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If you have a plastic or glass jar, even a petri dish, you can use these to house a ladybug. You will need a moist paper towel to the towel to the bottom of your container to keep humidity up. Don't forget to replace the paper towel piece whenever it dries up. It would be a good idea to cover the container with a mesh screen lid to allow air flow. As tiny as a ladybug is, it still needs water to drink! You can give your ladybug water to drink by soaking a cotton ball in water and placing it in your container. Remember that your ladybug likes the outdoors, so you can provide them with leaves and twigs to climb on and you can also put sand or dirt at the bottom to support the twigs. You can also feed the ladybugs by placing a cotton ball soaked in a 10% sugar solution in the container. You can put half a paper cup or part of an egg carton in the container (if the container is large enough) so your ladybugs have something to climb on.



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December 2008

Created by Melinda Peters